Looking back on 2014

This is a little later than I would have liked, but 2015 seems to have had a busy start! As I look back on last year, the main thing that stands out for me was my decision to go solo. As a result, the second half of the year was an interesting learning curve for me, and as I look forward to 2015, I’m please with the way events have unfolded, and excited by future possibilities. In particular, I’ve been able to focus more time on Kanban Thinking, including put together the downloadable Kanban Canvas, and writing more about how I use it.

On the topic of writing, you can read the blog’s 2014 annual report for the full statistics. The highlights for me were the fact that I had my busiest day, and I managed 23 posts – a significant increase from 2013. I hope I can maintain, and even continue to improve that number. Also interesting is that the top 3 posts remain the same; Kanban, Flow and Cadence“,What is Cadence? and Fidelity – The Lost Dimension of the Iron Triangle. Its nice to see Running the Ball Flow Game come in at number 4 – I love playing that game in workshops and it always seems to generate good discussion and learning. Finally, Making an Impact with Kanban Thinking is at number 5, and given that this is a recent post, I hope this bodes well for the future of Kanban Thinking in general.

The other big passion of mine in 2014 was taking up running, which I mentioned a when I posted on Estimates as Sensors. According to MapMyRun, I did a total of 177 runs, with an average run of 5.11 miles (giving a total of 904.5 miles), and a longest run of 17 miles. My average pace was 9:06 min/mile and my fastest pace was 4:31 min/mile.

For posterity, here’s my PB’s for the 2014

I’m currently training for the Brighton Marathon (watch this space for a call for sponsorship) so I’m also expecting those number to go up (or down for pace!). As part of my running addiction, I’ve become involve in my local parkrun community – something I gave a lightning talk about at LKUK14.

Thanks you for reading this blog, and for the continued support. I look forward to more of the same in 2015, and hope I get to meet many of you in person. Please let me know if you’d like me to work with you, or just say “Hi” if you see me at a conference or event.

2013 Year in Blogging

I  received my WordPress 2013 Annual Report a few days ago and there are a couple interesting things I noticed in it.

First, the top 3 most popular posts are all from three years ago, or older. In particular, the most popular post continues to both surprise and please me. Its the “Kanban, Flow and Cadence” post where I first really started to flesh out my thinking on Kanban, and while many of the ideas have moved on significantly since then, I can still find the roots of the current Kanban Thinking model in there. The other two posts, “What is Cadence” and “Fidelity – The Lost Dimension of the Iron Triangle” just surprise me. I’d love to discover what it is about those two posts that keeps bringing people back to them.

Second, I only wrote 12 new posts last year. That’s significantly fewer than I would have liked. Especially as one of them was  a post like this one talking about my 2012 report. In fact, going back and looking at that report I see I wrote 30 posts last year, so very roughly, my writing output has dropped by half. That’s very disappointing and something that I hope to address in 2014. One way I intend to do that is by starting to use 750words.com to help get the writing habit (or even addiction). In fact this post is taken from my first 750words entry. The other way is to get focussed back on my Kanban Thinking book. I’m confident that I’m in a much better position to be able to do that this year and its more than just another wishful hope. I have a method!

Thanks for reading this blog – especially if you are a regular reader! I hope everyone has a successful 2014. Here’s to more blogging over the next 12 months.

2012 Year In Blogging

As a WordPress, and Jetpack user, I had a 2012 annual report generated for me. A quick summary is:

  • 30 posts
  • 528 views on Feb 2nd.

The top 5 most-viewed posts were:

  1. Kanban, Flow and Cadence
  2. What is Cadence
  3. The Science of Kanban – Introduction
  4. Running the Ball Flow Game
  5. The Anatomy of an MMF
I find it interesting to see those older posts in the list. You can find the full report here, including other fascinating facts!