2012 Year In Blogging

As a WordPress, and Jetpack user, I had a 2012 annual report generated for me. A quick summary is:

  • 30 posts
  • 528 views on Feb 2nd.

The top 5 most-viewed posts were:

  1. Kanban, Flow and Cadence
  2. What is Cadence
  3. The Science of Kanban – Introduction
  4. Running the Ball Flow Game
  5. The Anatomy of an MMF
I find it interesting to see those older posts in the list. You can find the full report here, including other fascinating facts!
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One comment on “2012 Year In Blogging

  1. I’m not at all surprised those older posts are in the list. It’s not that the newer stuff isn’t just as vital and interesting, it’s more that as Kanban gains traction people coming to it fresh are benefiting from the introduction to the fundamentals that these posts give.

    As I’ve said on Twitter, ‘Kanban, Flow and Cadence’ is still my ‘Go to’ article for introducing Kanban to colleagues who are new to it.

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