Upcoming Rallying Adventures

As a coach with Rally Software, I get to work with an amazing group of people on a variety of projects. I’d like to highlight a few of those which I am particularly looking forward to at the moment.

RallyON Europe


RallyON is an event we have hosted in Boulder for the last few years, as a way of bringing together our customers and friends to share experiences and learn from each other. Its been hugely successful, not to mention fun, and I’m excited that we are able to host a version in Europe for our more local customers and friends. We’ll be in London, October 11th, and Dean Leffingwell is also attending as well as giving Scaled Agile Framework training the same week.

For more details, and to register, have a look at the event website.

Kanban System Design Training


At Rally, I’ve been able to work with a variety of organisations, while always applying Kanban Thinking.  My colleagues have too, and its been rewarding to be able to share our individual learnings and collectively come up with better ideas than I certainly could not come up with on my own. Typically, our Kanban specific work comes in the for Kanban System Design workshops, helping collaborative groups apply Kanban Thinking to their contexts. We are now ready to take a similar approach, but as a public training class, and the first one has just been scheduled which I’ll be teaching in Amsterdam, November 28th-29th.

For more details, and to register, have a look at the course page.

Agile for Business Book


I’ll say some more about this in another post tomorrow…

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