My CALM Beta Pre Work

I posted recently about by involvement in CALM Beta in Boulder. One of the things we added to the registration process was some “pre-work”.  The intent is to find out something about the people attending before they arrive in order to create a better event for everyone. As part of a post on the Rally blog, I decided to answer the pre-work questions myself, and I am repeating them here.

The Early Bird price of $350 ends on July 1. Register now to attend a couple of days of great discussion at a great price.

Why do I want to attend CALM Beta?

Apart from being one of the group organising the event (!), I’m excited about the possibilities of blending and learning from different ideas, approaches and disciplines. I hope that by exploring both what works in what context, and why, we can become better at choosing the right approach for the job at hand.

What experiences will I bring to CALM Beta?

I have been applying Agile ideas for more than 10 years, and Lean and Kanban ideas over the last 5. I have learned that helping teams and organisations understand why and how they can apply Agile and Lean thinking is essential to avoid practices being used by rote. As a result, I have recently started to use Cynefin techniques to help understand what approaches to use in their context.

What new insights do you hope to gain from CALM Beta?

I am hoping that we are able to explore the synergy between Cynefin ideas and some specific Agile and Lean techniques. For example, what is the relationship between A3 Thinking and the design of Safe to Fail probes. Or how do Lean Startup ideas fit in with those of working in the Cynefin complex domain. Or how can anecdotes and narratives be used to discover great user stories. In doing so, I hope to learn more about the appropriate use of those techniques, or identify areas where they might be modified or extended.

How would you answer these questions? Register and let me know!

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