Support the Agile Fringe

Agile 2008 was driven by the vision of a music festival (e.g. Glastonbury).  In the same way that music festivals encourage new and emerging acts, Agile 2008 had a Breaking Acts stage with the same goals.  Agile 2008 also had a Questioning Agile stage in order to be transparent and encourage debate about Agile.  Agile 2009 has lost both these stages.

David Anderson has written an open letter to the conference committee proposing an Agile Fringe stage which will encompass both these areas.  The intent will be to allow an explicit means for the Agile community to encourage innovation and be open to new, different or rediscovered ideas and thinking so that we can continue to learn and improve in new directions.

If you agree with these sentiments, please go and read the letter on David’s blog, and show your support by signing the letter with a comment.

Update: I should also say that I have both privately and publicly supported Johanna and the conference committee.  You can also show support for the conference committee on Johanna’s blog.

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