Agile 2008 Recommendations

Following on from some posts that have been shared in the Agile2008 FriendFeed Room, here are my recommendations for what to attend (excluding my sessions!)

Tuesday Morning

  • Behaviour Driven Development Using Plain Old JUnit, Elizabeth Keogh & Dan North – should given an interesting insight to how BDD is compared to plain old TDD.
  • Learning Kaizen from Toyota (with Mindmaps), Kenji Hiranabe – a great opportunity to learn more about Lean and Mindmaps at the same time
  • Feature Injection, Chris Matts & Julie Chickering – an interesting take on how to schedule features on demand

Tuesday Afternoon

  • Coaching Self Organizing Teams, Joseph Pelrine & Steve Freeman – Joseph has some great insights into coaching and teamwork

Wednesday Morning

  • Resistance As A resource, Dale Emery – Dale is the expert on this topic!
  • Natural Laws Of Software Development – Deriving Agile Practices, Ron Jeffries & Chet Hendrickson – Ron and Chet always have something interesting to say
  • Value Stream Mapping – Extending Our View To The Enterprise, Alan Shalloway – an essential lean tool for agile in the enterprise
  • New Car Development In Toyota, Kenji Hiranabe – more lean material from about Toyota

Wednesday Afternoon

  • Come and Take It! Lean Pull Applied, Rod Coffin & Don McGreal – pull is an emerging art
  • Metrics for Agility, Dan Rawsthornw – an insight into what metrics can add value
  • GTD + Kanban + Round Robin for Product Owners, Thomas Nilsson – an interesting mix of techniques
  • Prioritising and Sequencing Features: Several Techniques Including “Minimal Marketable Features”, Evan Campbell – MMFs are gaining recognition

Thursday Morning

  • Future Direction For Agile, David Anderson – David has some unique ideas and insights
  • User Story Mapping: Making Sense Out Of Your User Story Backlog, Jeff Patton – some really practical ideas for managing large backlogs

Thursday Afternoon

  • Artful Making For Agile Team, Lee Devin & Stacia Broderick – a refreshingly different take on things!
  • Estimating Considered Wasteful: Introducing Micro Release, Joshua Kerievsky – a really lean approch to agile
  • Exploring User Stories Through Mind Mapping, Kenji Hiranabe & Takeshi Kakeda -a powerful use of mind mapping

Friday Morning

  • Starting A Kanban System for Software Engineering With Value Stream Mapping and Theory Of Constraints, Corey Ladas – Corey is a master of kanban
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  1. If you are planning to attend the “natural laws of software development” session you may want to read a post about that same subject (different content from the session) that I wrote almost 3 years ago:

    Keep up the good posting! 🙂

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