Lean & Kanban Miami 2009 Videos Available

This is the announcement from David Anderson on his blog:

After some delay while we arranged for hosting, the videos from the Lean & Kanban 2009 conference in Miami are now available.

I need to thank InfoQ for making all of this happen. As a media sponsor, InfoQ intended to use these videos together with the presentation slides on their own site. However, the videographer didn’t follow their format instructions and the result was that they couldn’t use them. So after some editing and cleanup they donated them to the community – in this case the Lean Software & Systems Consortium.

As a sponsor of next year’s Lean Software & Systems Conference, Software Engineering Professionals (SEP) kindly offered to host this year’s videos.

View now!

In particular, I’d like to highlight the video of my Kanban, Flow and Cadence presentation.

Lean & Kanban 2009 Miami Promotion

A new program and pricing structure has been created for the Lean & Kanban Conference in Miami.

There is now a Lean Day and a Kanban Day, each with a single track. The idea behind the new program is that it allows everyone to be able to see all the presentations, as well as enabling people to only come for a single day.  Additionally, there is currently an Early Bird rate until April 13th.

The new pricing is:

  • Full Registration (May 6-8) for all 3 days is $700 (subsequently $800)
  • Lean Day only (May 6), including evening reception, is $335
  • Kanban Day only (May 7), is $295

I’m also pleased to be able to announce a couple of promotions for readers of this blog. Please email me (kjscotland-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk) if you would like to register at these prices.

  1. A Super Early Bird rate of $550 for all 3 days. (Update: Book directly from http://www.leankanbanconference.com/availagility.html)
  2. A Corporate rate, which includes 5 places for the price of 3, at the Super Early Bird rate of $550. (5 places for $1650).

Lean & Kanban 2009 Miami Update

From the kanbandev list:

Just wanted to remind you that our Lean & Kanban 2009 Conference is taking place in Miami May 6-8. http://www.leankanbanconference.com/

We’ve confirmed a few additional speakers for the event. Notably Joshua Kerievsky who’ll talk about the iterationless, estimationless XP process at Industrial Logic, and Jeff Patton who’s been using kanban with his clients in North America. It’s great to have Jeff, a recipient of the Agile Alliance Gordon Pask Award, on our roster.

We’ve also got Rob Hathaway from London who’ll be presenting a kanban case study from IPC Media in London and Sterling Mortensen who’ll revisit the Lean implementation at Hewlett-Packard LaserJet Development that revolutionized their cycle time and productivity.

This is undoubtedly the best collection of practitioners of Lean techniques in software development ever assembled. Don’t miss out. Register soon. http://www.leankanbanconference.com/

Lean & Kanban 2009 Miami Rescheduled

The Lean & Kanban 2009 conference which I promoted (am am speaking at) has been rescheduled to May 6-8.  Its still in the same location in Miami, and the schedule is pretty much the same, although Don Reinertsen is unable to make it.  There are early mutterings of a European based version of the conference towards the end of this year, so hopefully he might be able to attend that instead. The hope is that postponing the dates will allow more people to be able to attend.

Details of the conference can still be found at http://leankanbanconference.com/

Announcing Lean & Kanban 2009 Miami

The Lean & Kanban 2009 conference in Miami (KSE : Miami) is officially open for registration at http://leankanbanconference.com/. Its February 18th-20th at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

From the Flyer:

Two and half days featuring a full day of presentations with separate tracks for Lean and Kanban, plus a full day of open space and a half day of lightning talks. You will learn the latest thinking in applying Lean techniques like kanban to shorten cycle time and deliver more value from your software projects. Mix with the experts and practitioners using these ideas every day in organizations around the world.

Come and enjoy the beautiful South Beach venue. Enjoy the Florida sun in winter. Mix with your peers, extend your network and enjoy deep discussions during frequent breaks, open space and at our cocktail  reception Feb 18th sponsored by Ultimate Software. Be part of our community. Be part of the next wave of software management and leadership.


  • Donald G. Reinertsen
  • Alan Shalloway
  • David J. Anderson

Other speakers include:

  • Myself
  • Amit Rathore
  • Dean Leffingwell
  • Corey Ladas
  • Peter Middleton
  • James Sutton
  • David Laribee
  • Others

I’ll be opening the kanban track with a version of Kanban, Flow and Cadence to introduce the basic concepts and set-up Corey to talk about Scrumban – Scrum & Kanban,  I’m really looking forward to it – it should be the start of a regular conference which has the potential to grow into something big.  Hope to see you there!