Calendar and Download Updates

I’m pleased to have been asked to give a Lean and Kanban 101 talk at the Swiss Lean Agile Scrum conference in Zurich on June 4th.  I have added details to my Calendar page.

I have also now uploaded the slides from my “Kanban, Flow and Cadence” presentations at SPA and ACCU to my Downloads page.

Page Updates

A couple of page updates for the blog:

Calendar – I’ve added two new upcoming conferences that I’m going to be speaking about “Kanban, Flow and Cadence” at.  They’re XPDay08 and SPA2009.

Kanban – I’ve created a new page to pull together various references on Kanban for Software Development.

Upcoming Conference Presentations

I’m really pleased to have had a number of submissions accepted for various conferences this year. I’ve added details onto my Calendar page.

In particular I’ve had 3 talks accepted for Agile2008 in Toronto, one of which is a workshop called KFC Development. I’m really looking forward to sharing my thoughts and getting feedback from attendees which I hope will help clarify the ideas.