3 Reasons Not To Miss RallyON Europe

RallyON Europe 2013

In September I’m going to be involved in the second RallyON Europe conference which we are running in London again. This year’s theme is “Scaling an Agile Organisation”, and I expect that it will be another great event. Here are 3 reasons I’m particularly looking forward to it.

Bjarte Bogsnes Keynote. I’ve known Bjarte for a few years now, and he’s a fellow LSS Fellow. Its a real coup to get him as our keynote. I’ve always found him to be an informative and entertaining speaker and I’m sure he’ll deliver once again. Beyond Budgeting, the topic of his talk, is an approach to management which is incredibly compatible with Lean and Agile approaches, and absolutely necessary to successfully scale an agile organisation.

A Guide to Achieving Flow. I’m going to be co-presenting this brand new session with Sallyann Freudenberg. This will be the first public airing of a new game we have co-created. Sal has taken a game I created years ago and spiced it up with Lego. Why would you not want to come and play with Lego while learning about flow?

People, Practice and Technology. Its a real pleasure at the moment to be part of an organisation which is focussing on helping to build agile businesses. The agenda is full of sessions which go beyond team agility to how the combination of people, practice and technology combine to scale an agile organisation. Come and find out more about topics such as the Agile Portfolio Management, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Devops, Metrics and Agile Leadership.

There are also a number of training courses scheduled to follow the conference, with the some great prices that include the conference registration. And if you want to attend as a group there are also discounts available. And if you use the code SPEAKER50 you can get $50 off. Register today, and I hope to see you there.


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