A Kanban Multiverse – not from LeanSSC Atlanta

I should have been at the LeanSSC Conference in Atlanta this week, but unfortunately Eyjafjallajokull intervened. This is the Prezi I was going to use. It may not make much sense on its own but hopefully gives a flavour of what sort of things I was going to talk about. I’m hoping to put together a post together to flesh out the details.
Update: I posted a write-up on the Management 3.0 site
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6 comments on “A Kanban Multiverse – not from LeanSSC Atlanta

  1. Hey Karl,

    Amazing how this is in sync with what I have been doing. Probably you will recognize a lot of this ideas materialized in my talk in lssc10. I’m stunned how we’ve got similar understanding without never discuss this topic before.

    BTW, the “Multiverse” term is fantastic!

    Thanks for this.

    Alisson Vale

  2. Karl:

    I finally got a chance to read your presentation. I’m amazed that we’ve been looking at similar concepts. In my LSSC talk, I talked a lot about the visual control aspects of Kanban and their importance. Interesting how many people are arriving at similar ideas independantly!

    • Thanks Chris. I’m looking forward to watching your presentation. I think there’s going to be some interesting innovations in visualisation over the next year or so.


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