Page Updates

A couple of page updates for the blog: Calendar – I’ve added two new upcoming conferences that I’m going to be speaking about “Kanban, Flow and Cadence” at.  They’re XPDay08 and SPA2009. Kanban – I’ve created a new page to … read more

My Recipe For Success

I’ve been doing more introductory Agile and Scrum training recently, and have been thinking about the best way to get across the core ideas that underpin Agile.  I find the Manifesto Values a bit too woolly, and the Principles too … read more

Kanban and Retrospectives

Following a couple of threads recently on the kanbandev Yahoo! group, I thought I’d try and put down my experiences and thoughts on the subject. In a timebox-based agile process, such as Scrum or XP, the retrospective typically happens at … read more

Estimation and Waste

There’s been some discussion recently on InfoQ and in the XP Yahoo! Group, as to whether estimation could or should be considered as waste.  My recent view has been that estimation is waste, but I think I am refining that … read more

Traffic Jams

One of the metaphors I use when I talk why a kanban system has work-in-progress (WIP) limits, is traffic jams. The greater the WIP, the lower the throughput, and this effect can be seen when too many cars clog up … read more

Agile 2008 – Downloads

All presentations are now available on the Downloads page.  The KFC Development files are in Office 2007 format, so if you have an earlier version of Office you’ll need to download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and … read more

Agile 2008 – Friday

Alan Cooper’s closing keynote turned out to be surprisingly good for me.  There were points when I wondered where he was going, and whether I agreed, but by the end I was won over.  His closing sentence was “Agile is … read more