XP Day London Wrap-up

XP Day London 08 was last week.  The slides and spreadsheet from my Kanban, Flow and Cadence are now available on the download page. All in all, the conference was a good one.  Open Space went really well.  Too many … read more

Support the Agile Fringe

Agile 2008 was driven by the vision of a music festival (e.g. Glastonbury).  In the same way that music festivals encourage new and emerging acts, Agile 2008 had a Breaking Acts stage with the same goals.  Agile 2008 also had … read more

Page Updates

A couple of page updates for the blog: Calendar – I’ve added two new upcoming conferences that I’m going to be speaking about “Kanban, Flow and Cadence” at.  They’re XPDay08 and SPA2009. Kanban – I’ve created a new page to … read more

My Recipe For Success

I’ve been doing more introductory Agile and Scrum training recently, and have been thinking about the best way to get across the core ideas that underpin Agile.  I find the Manifesto Values a bit too woolly, and the Principles too … read more