Agile 2008 – Tuesday

This is a quick brain dump of the day for me – brief summaries and key highlights that stood out. The conference kicked off with an interesting keynote by James Suroweicki, author of Wisdom of the Crowds.  Essentiallly this is … read more

Agile 2008 Recommendations

Following on from some posts that have been shared in the Agile2008 FriendFeed Room, here are my recommendations for what to attend (excluding my sessions!) Tuesday Morning Behaviour Driven Development Using Plain Old JUnit, Elizabeth Keogh & Dan North – … read more

Agile 2008 Sessions

Agile 2008 is almost here and I’m looking forward to presenting 3 sessions this year. Managers Introduction to Test Driven Development (with Dave Nicolette) Wednesday 6th, 16:00 – 17:30, Civic Ballroom South, Customers & Business Value Stage The purpose of … read more

The Anatomy of an MMF

I’ve been involved in a number of discussions about how User Experience work fits into an Agile process.  As a result a trying to articulate my position, I’ve come up with the following explanation of the anatomy of an MMF. … read more

XP2008 – Day 5

The final morning of the conference was faily quiet again. I did go to “The Agile Technique Hour” which was fun and interesting. David Parsons has posted the materials online, but in brief, we were split into teams in order … read more

XP2008 – Day 4

An excellent workshop by Mary and Tom Poppendieck today entitled “Stop Thrashing: Pull Schedule Techniques for Level Workflow”.  It really left me buzzing, for two reasons.  Firstly, Mary talked about her real experiences implementing a kanban system at 3M which … read more